Kamban is diversifiying! First set of suit applications for Windows 7.0 using the latest technology is being developed and released. Here is the first set of it now.

Finally the long awaited and tested KWPLite is now available for download and purchase. Fully Unicode compliant and supporting English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Sinhalese with different keyboard layout and dictionaries, we yet again bring you the new innovative product. Check the features and give it a try. If you like it get a license key.
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Latest additions to our family of products is Kamban Tamil Fonts which is packaged with Ten different variants of Unicode Fonts along with four different Keyboard Layouts that can be used to type in Tamil in any of your Windows program without having to purchase additional software. To check these fonts download the Fonts Sample Manual. For more details click here

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Stickypad is part of a suit of gadget applications for Windows 7.0. The product will work in XP, and Vista as well. Check out this latest product and if you want to try out, download the trial version here. If you like this application, you can buy it from Shopping Mall

Kamban Software specialises in software for Tamil Word Processing application. Currently all our products are related to Tamil Language only. However, we are planning to extend our product ranges to various other Indian languages as well.

We also provide simple editors and E-Mail applications free for download from web. This is part of our service to the community and also our commitment to support various standards of fonts and keyboards.

By registering your Kamban Product with us, you can keep yourself up to date. We will inform you when there is a newere version available. Also most of our upgrades cost a fraction of the full package.
If you want to register your product please send EMail to with following details:

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  • KWPLite Ver 4.0
  • Kamban Wordprocessor
  • Unicode Editor
  • Kamban Tamil Fonts
  • Tamil Keyboard

Test the program yourself. If you like it buy the license for it! Click here for download and click here for obtaining license key.

As a community service, you can obtain license keys for non-profitable Organisations, Orphanages and Community Schools. Please contact support for more details

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Salient Features of the product:

  • KWPLite a full UNICODE complaint software and Supports 7 languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Sinhalese
  • Provides 3 standard keyboards for all languages – DOE Standard, Typewriter Standard and Phonetic Standard
  • Tamil language has additional support for TN99 standard and Kamban Keyboard standard
  • Supplied with three standard Tamil fonts and one Akshar font that will cover all the 7 languages supported
  • Provision of Dictionaries and the look-ahead feature for English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. (More to be added shortly)
  • Typing made much simpler by using the pre-defined dictionary word that can be enhanced by user dictionary
  • Lookahead feature to reduce keystrokes
  • Spell check complaint with user defined pre / post additions that ensures all grammatical nuances are covered
  • Enhanced SEF allows to change vowels with single keystroke without having to use shift or change the vowel on a consonant without having to delete the previous character
  • Unique Auto Pulli feature for Tamil allows to automatically add a Pulli (Ayudham letter) whenever the words have two consecutive consonant
  • Provision for Automatic conversion of TAM / TAB fonts in RTF file or selective conversion inside the word processor
  • Auto upgrade feature
  • Additional 6 Tamil fonts when you purchase license 

...and much moree

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