Kamban Product Downloads

Please visit Shopping Mall for buying KWP3.03 or other Kamban Products

If you want Additional Tamil Unicode Fonts and Keyboard Layouts, please visit Shopping Mall

As a community service, we provide a free copy of KWP 3.03 program for non-profitable Organisations, Orphanages and Community Schools. Please contact support for more details.

To support Unicode format and to make transition from current standards to Unicode standard, we provide Maduram font Unicode standard 5.1. This font will work in Apple MacOS and Linux as well.

 For ease of typing in Tamil, (KWP Standard Layout) for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.0 download Tamil Keyboard

Currently UniEdit is released for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. You can download this here. Note that this is available as separate installation for XP and Windows Vista / Windows 7

There are three variations of Tamil fonts provided based on their encodings. These fonts can be encoded in PDF format. If you want to include these fonts in commercial website or for distribution purpose, please send an E-Mail to us.
For Tamil Literatures, fonts and articles, Please visit Services.

Download Instructions

  1. When you click the link for downloading you will be asked to save the file or run from the location. Select Save the file, press OK.
  2. On the next dialogue box, Select "desktop" to save the file to. Once download is done you will find an icon of the selected program on the desktop of your screen. 
  3. Double click on that. This will install the program for you. Once the installation is done, click start and select run. Then type "control fonts" and press OK. This will open up the font folder.
  4. Check for TAMMaduram and TABMaduram fonts in the folder. Now close fonts folder. This completes installation.  To run the program select Start, Programs, Kamban software and click on the program you have downladed. You can start typing your letters. For Keyboard Layout and usage, please click here
KWPLite ICON KWPLite - A Unicode complaint multi lingual word processor with multiple keyboard layout and dictionaries. This is a trial version. All features are enabled except that the text input is limited to 3K. To unlock for full features, buy the license key. Visit shopping mall for details.
Fonts For convenience of our users we have bundled few of our fonts, which is distributed free for all non-commercial purposes. If you want to use any of these fonts for commercial purpose, kindly contact us. Fonts included are:
Unicode version of Akshar which includes Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, English and Sinhalese.
Tamil fonts included:
Unicode Font: Maduram
Government Standard monolingual font -  TAMMaduram, TAMKalyani, TAMKadambri
Government Standard bi-lingual font - TABMaduram
Old TSCII Standard Tamil font - TSCMaduram
For installation of these fonts, check Font Installation.

For users of KWP Ver 3.0, they can upgrade to ver 3.03 here.(Please do not download the upgrade if you do not have KWP3.0, KWP3.01 or KWP 3.02. This will not work and no support will be provided).

With a demand for Phonetic Keyboard, we have added it in the recent patched version. This also fixes following bugs.

  1. Under Format/Fonts menu, typing words in Font text box crashes the system, when closed
  2. When Typewriter layout is selected typing in Find/Replace box crashes the system
  3. When Keyboard Layout is changed, Find/Replace Dialog box do not register the keyboard changes until program is re-started

Download the file. (see above for Download instruction step 1 & 2.). Double click the saved icon on the Desktop. Accept the default folder for installation.(If you have installed KWP in a different folder, you will have to change "Extract To:" box and provide the right folder). This should replace your existing version to New version. The program also contains help files that will replace existing help files

Stickypad Icon

Stickypad is our latest diversified product as part of a suit of gadget applications for Windows 7.0. The product will work in XP, and Vista as well. Download the trial version here. Please note that the trial version has the save feature disabled. Visit Shopping Mall to buy full version of this application

Unicode Editor Universal Editor which was in Beta Test is now released as Release level for Windows 7. There are two versions of release separate for Windows XP and Windows 7 / Vista are now available. Users are encouraged to check support page before requesting support.
Tamil Keyboard

Tamil Keyboard is a simple keyboard layout based on Kamban Standard format for Micorosft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.0. The program is also supplied with Maduram font (this will be saved under the directory takamban). Install this font under windows for utilising full set of Unicode v5.1 standard characters.

  1. For Installing fonts under windows click here
  2. For configuring your computer for Indian Languages, click here
  3. For configuring and using of Tamil Keyboard, click here
  4. For obtaining Kamban Keyboard layout click here.
  5. For obtaining a copy of Unicode chart v5.1 click here.
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