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To Support UNICODE and also to ensure multiple Language Input Kamban Software has just released KWPLITE to coincide with Windows 8, release. This version is tested for Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. Download the trial version and visit
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Check here for features of KWPLITE Ver 4.0

New Fonts to support Apple MacOS and Linux

As part of extended community service now the Maduram font supplied in this website will support both Linux and Apple MacOS. Please download your free Maduram font here
If you wish to see what other fonts are available please download this free Sample file here.
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Kamban Tamil Fonts and Keyboard Layouts

At Kamban we always believed in Unicode format and supported Unicode version since its inception in Year 2000. We provided free font resources to Linux developers and our popular Maduram, Kalyani and Kadambri fonts are packaged in many Linux versions. Now we have compiled a total of 10 different Unicode fonts along with four different keyboard Layouts for you. To check out these fonts and the Keyboard Layouts click here. Note all our fonts support Linux, Apple MacOS and Windows.

Stickypad /Sticky Notes for Microsoft Windows - XP, Vista and Windows 7

This is a complete Stickypad / Sticky Note application that is similar to normal "Yellow Sticky pad". Just like "Yellow Sticky pad" has small sticky notes that can be stuck anywhere as reminder, Stickypad application also consists of Sticky Note that can be stuck on Windows Desktop anywhere. The application has facilities to set remainders, keep tab of quick "to-do" things,  track daily activities and many more.

  • To checkout the features, and download a trial copy of the click here
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Tamil Keyboard (KWP Standard Layout) for Microsoft Windows - XP, Vista and Windows 7

This is a simple keyboard with the layout in Kamban Keyboard standard. This can be configured under Windows for ease of typing. Now you can Chat, E-mail or even name your files in Tamil under Windows. Go to Download section for downloading this free. Click here for details of the program

Unicode Editor - Beta

Another Innovation from Kamban. Our Beta Version of premiere Unicode editor is released as Release version for Windows 7. It now contains our own Unicode Font -Akshar font, that support English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhalese, Tamil and Telugu. Be the first to download our Unicode Editor! For Unicode Editor to work correctly in your PC, kindly install Language support. Instructions for installing Language support is provided

Kamban 3.03

KWP 3.03 is now released. This is an upgrade with an addition of Phonetic Keyboard Layout. Please go to Downloads for details.

A glance at our Products

KWPLite ICON KWPLite - A Unicode complaint multi lingual word processor is now available. Download the trial version to test it. All features enabled, but limited to 3K of text only.
To read about the features, Click here
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Kamban Tamil Fonts

Kamban Tamil Fonts With the advent of Unicode and Windows supporting the Unicode format, we are shipping 10 different Unicode fonts which were originally available under KWP as TAM / TAB fonts. Current package is additionally incorporated with 4 different Keyboard Layouts that is compatible with the Windows OS built in Keyboard functions. This can be purchased from Shopping Mall This is a better and cheaper alternative to move into Unicode Standard and use Tamil in all applications in Windows

Stickypad Icon

Stickypad is our latest diversified product as part of a suit of gadget applications primarily developed for Windows 7.0, but fully compatible with XP, and Vista. Trial version is available for download in the   Downloads   section If you like this application, you can buy it from Shopping Mall


Kamban Word Processor 3.03 is our latest release of Tamil Word Processor package. It includes spell-check, Tamil menus and numerous other features

Unicode Editor Universal Editor: This is the first product from Kamban Software a Universal Editor for all Indian languages - supplied FREE.
Keyboard Layout Tamil Keyboard This is a simple Keyboard layout for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The layout format is Kamban Keyboard standard. This is available for free download. Additonal Layouts can be purchased along with Unicode Fonts packaged as Kamban Tamil Fonts
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