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Our Products are aimed at non-technical person to make it easier to use

Simplicity is out motto when we design our software

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New KWPLite ver 4.0 Build 320 is now available

To Support UNICODE and also to ensure multiple language input Kamban Software has just released KWPLITE to coincide with Microsoft Windows 8 release. This version is tested for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. Feel free to download the trial version.

If you are satisfied, you can buy the license key fromshopping mall. We will provide you with additional fonts and unlock the trial version for unlimited editing features.

Kamban Word Processor KWP 3.03

KWP 3.03 is now released. This is an upgrade version for users of KWP ver 3.01 and ver 3.02. This version provides support for Phonetic Keyboard Layout. If you are users of ver 3.01 and ver 3.02, you are entitled for a free upgrade, kindly contact us with your details.

KWP 3.03 will work with all version of Microsoft Windows including Microsoft Windows 8.1 update.

Our significant range of products are:

KWPLite Icon Kamban Word Processor Lite Ver 4.0
KWP 3.03 Icon Kamban Word Processor Professional 3.03
Stickypad Icon Sticky Pad Ver 1.0 for Microsoft Windows
Fonts Icon Keyboard and Fonts Bundle for Microsoft Windows
Fonts Icon Fonts Bundle compatible with Linux and Apple iOS